1. Definitions This document, referred to as the ‘Terms and Conditions,’ constitutes a legally binding agreement between Allennetic Ltd (referred to as “the Developers”) and “the Clients” for the provision of services.

These terms and conditions delineate the guidelines for the client’s utilization of the provided services.

The services encompass web design and development, including graphical design, coding in languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and proficiency in WordPress and WooCommerce.

2. Acceptance of Work Quotations is valid for 30 days from issuance. When the client requests the developer’s services or website updates, it constitutes an offer to purchase them.

A contract for services materializes only upon the developer sending an invoice to the client for payment. The invoice signifies the developer’s acceptance of the client’s offer, forming a binding contract irrespective of invoice receipt.

Services not included in the invoice aren’t part of the contract. The client is accountable for verifying invoice accuracy and retaining a copy.

The developer reserves the right to withdraw from the contract pre-acceptance. Additional client-requested work may impact project timelines and completion dates if not outlined in the specification received by the developer.

Clients agree that the standard development platform, as specified at https://allennetic.com.ng/terms_&_conditions/, is acceptable. Acceptance testing will occur solely on this platform. Any requests beyond this platform are considered additional work.

Clients commit to promptly providing necessary information and content requested by the developer for project completion.

Clients are solely responsible for adding website content. Allennetic Ltd./Developer offers a working website and Content Management System (CMS) for independent content addition. Any content inclusion agreement must adhere to specific rules:

  • Timely content provision is crucial; otherwise, the developer will complete the website and CMS using basic templates, with further modifications as the client’s responsibility.

  • Once the Developer adds content, no additional modifications will be made, and further changes will incur extra charges.

  • Content accuracy and proofreading are the client’s responsibility; the Developer isn’t liable for inaccuracies.

  • Client-provided content must not be copied from other sources; the Developer won’t verify content originality.

3. Permission and Copyright Upon final payment, the client gains the copyright for final web designs, images, code, and source files created by the Developer. The Client receives a non-exclusive, limited license for single-website use, associated with a domain name. Usage on additional websites or domains necessitates written consent from both parties.

The Client indemnifies the Developer against any legal claims arising from media/content provided for the project and affirms ownership or usage permission.

The Developer may include credits and links in completed work unless otherwise requested by the Client. Showcasing completed work in the Developer’s portfolio is agreed upon.

Clients must comply with third-party software/media terms used in the project.

4. Material The Developer reserves the right to decline work involving unlawful, inappropriate, virus-containing, harassing, offensive, or copyright-infringing media.

5. Domain Names and Hosting The Developer has the option to provide domain name registration and hosting services through a separate provider. Clients understand that registering a domain name doesn’t automatically grant usage rights; it’s the Client’s responsibility to ensure legitimacy.

The Client’s name is listed as the domain registrant, with the Developer’s contact information. Clients must adhere to terms set by the domain registrar. The Client assumes responsibility for domain and hosting services, including accurate information provision and timely payment.

Responsibility for additional domain/hosting costs, upgrades, and renewals lies with the Client, directly payable to the third-party provider.

Clients must promptly settle domain/hosting invoices; failure to comply could lead to service discontinuation.

The Client agrees to provide necessary access information to the Developer for website uploads if required.

The Developer may reject or cancel domain/hosting services without explanation.

Clients bear full responsibility for using domain/hosting services and indemnify the Developer against any associated claims.

6. Projects The Developer aims to match HTML pages to graphic designs but acknowledges slight differences due to code rendering.

Clear communication from the Client is crucial for project success. Alterations post-completion may be chargeable, as agreed upon.

New requests or alterations beyond the original project scope may incur additional charges.

The Developer strives to create search engine-accessible pages but doesn’t guarantee search engine listing.

After project completion, errors caused by the Developer will be rectified within a month; client-induced errors may incur charges.

Regular backups by the Client or third-party hosting are recommended; the Client assumes responsibility for this.

7. Accessibility & Web Standards The Developer tests and designs sites per WAI accessibility and W3C CSS standards. Specific accessibility alterations may entail additional charges if required post-sale.

Client usage of non-developer themes or CMS systems may impact adherence to WAI accessibility and W3C CSS standards.

The Developer designs sites for compatibility with major browsers; updates post-handover may affect site functionality, necessitating additional work quoted separately.

More advanced features may require newer browser versions or plugins.

8. Payment Terms Prices may change without prior notice. Invoices are VAT-inclusive and must be paid within 7 days unless otherwise agreed upon. Work stages commence upon staged payment receipt.

The Developer may halt work for Clients with outstanding invoices or remove work from the Internet due to non-payment.

9. Liability and Warranty Disclaimer The Developer provides services “as is” and doesn’t warrant uninterrupted or error-free site functionality. The Client acknowledges the limitations regarding WordPress/WooCommerce software and agrees to address any related issues with the software’s community.

The Client’s decision not to host on the Developer’s solution absolves the Developer from responsibility for the website or ensuing issues. The Client is responsible for regular backups and data security.

The Developer cannot be held accountable for any faults or issues on the Client’s hosting solution.

The Developer aims to deliver within agreed timelines but isn’t liable for claims due to service delays or reasons beyond control.

The Developer isn’t liable for financial losses, including business, profit, data, or savings, related to provided services.

The Client bears responsibility for file functionality after handover. Errors found within three months of completion (in standard conditions) will be corrected free of charge.

If errors arise due to changes in setup, additional work may be quoted separately.

10. Indemnification Clients agree to use Developer services at their own risk and indemnify the Developer from any claims, liabilities, or costs arising from services, products, or third-party actions.

This indemnification extends to all aspects of the project, including content and domain name choice.

Clients also agree to indemnify the Developer from liabilities related to products/services sold by them or third parties.

11. Nondisclosure Both parties agree not to disclose confidential information without prior direction. The Client won’t convey Developer information unless directed by the Developer.

12. Privacy Policy Information provided by the Client will be handled in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. It will be used for communication and potential service/product offers.

13. Interpretation The Developer reserves the right to terminate a project due to Client breaches without refunds. Severed contract terms won’t affect remaining valid terms.

By accepting the quotation or making a payment, the Client acknowledges, understands, and accepts the Terms and Conditions, binding themselves to its provisions.

The Developer can modify these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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